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Was fucked by Tim tonight.
oh that was so nice.    I got an email from him around 2PM.    He's sorta funny zaps me a note then runs off.    I like him though.   I play email tag and never expect him to follow through.     But I'm always ready anyhow.  
So,  I get a note from him.   I ask what he's up to and what he's in the mood for.
He doesn't really answer either question.   So I lead him.  Pretty much tell him to meet me at the curb at 11.   He does.

I direct him to my upper field.   Then he pulls his shorts down.   I attack his cock with gusto.  I'm feeling pretty frisky.    I didn't know, after seeing him 8 or 9 time that he wasn't circumsised.    Not a biggie.   It was dark.   But before he got fully hard I was sucking foreskin and he was moaning like mad.  
He got hard in a matter of seconds with my attentions all on his cock.    I'm sucking it.  grinding it across my teeth.   Taking it to the hilt and sucking and running my tongue all over his cock.    I was worried for a few seconds he was going to cum quickly.   I slowed down.

After a bit I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.   He did!   I help him put a condom on and bend over.
I guide his cock into my ass.   I'm moaning at that.   I push back.  Sinking his cock into my ass.    Oh that felt so good.
He started fucking me slow at first.   I tell him to spank my ass.  He does.   Slapping it hard.   I can feel my ass clinch around his cock.   He does it again.   Another clinch....I know...He likes that.   I start to clinch my ass after each of his thrusts into me then pushing as he pulls back.   Twenty seconds this..... he cums    I guess working your ass can make a guy cum hard. He did.   He fell onto my back legs shaking.  

After a bit more of my ass teasing him he pulls out of me.    We chat a few seconds....

Then the funny part.   He gets up and goes to the back of his truck.  I ask if he's okay.  Just gotta pee.
I ask, totally serious,   you wanna pee all over my chest.
He totally freezes!   Can't pee.   After a bit,  I ask if I should step away.   Too late.   He can't pee no matter what.  i feel a tad guilty.   Though I do wish he would have pissed all over me.     Hell as turned on as I was,  I'd have let him pee all over my ass and balls.

He dropped me off and went on his way.   I was likely happier than he.....I love to get fucked hard.


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