Something about being cornholed really hard
leaves me feeling great. J. just got done pounding my ass until I couldn't move. He left me all gooey inside. mmmmmmmm!

legs over my head
I just got my ass totally stuffed. J had my legs over his shoulders and was pumping my ass hard.

I had started by sucking him off for a few minutes. My face was quickly covered in his pre-cum. He started working my cock over, then moved to my ass. soaking it with his saliva. In a matter of seconds my legs were in the air, his cock in my ass and I was moaning with pleasure. It was a huge long cum for him, I could feel him filling my as with his cum. Feel my ass getting more slippery as his cum worked its way around his cock and hole.


I love being fucked hard
More so when it's been a while.    I was out of town on business last week.  And wasn't feeling up to cruising a strange city (Long Beach Ca).    So I waited it out until I got back.  Been busy as a nine tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs this week;  however,  today I couldn't stand it any longer.  
I zapped J. a message told him I was going to ditch work for a few hours.   He was game.

No small talk today.   We stripped down and before I knew it,  his cock was in my mouth and I was hungrily  sucking it.   As he was mine.   After a few postion changes I was on top of him sucking his cock while he was rimming me with wild abandon!   His tongue darting deep into my ass.   At first I was just moaning with his cock in my mouth, which must have been a funny sight.    Then my face on his thigh.     I was pushing my ass into his face as he licked deeper and harder,  the stubble of his face rough on my ass.   
I couldn't take any more.  I jumped up on to my knees.  Without hesitation he was behind me sliding his cock into my ass.  Pumping into me.  At first squating over me,  then on his knees pulling my hips back into his cock.
As is J's style he doesn't last long once he's inside me.   I could feel his cock throbbing as he dumped his cum into my ass.  Each spurt another throb of his cock within my ass.   I could feel the hot cum leaking from my ass around his cock.  I clenched him hard,  milking more cum from him.

He fell off me,  cum still leaking from his cock.   


After he settled down he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me off.   I would rather had him fuck me hard again.  But we were both a  bit pressed for time.

Hoping to get over to
See J over lunch.   If he's not busy and I can break away from work.   Haven't been able to in over a week.   Next week is out as I'm heading to Long Beach for the week.   I'm frisky as all get-out and need to feel him inside me.   ~fingers-crossed~

Movie Credits
 While I've got movies on my mind.....
why is it that movies credits contain everyone associated with them?  Not just the actors and director, but each and every person.

When you buy a car you don't care who the engineers are.   You don't care if the manufacturing line Union workers ate at Laura's Roach Coach the day they built your car.  

Yet with a movie,  you get the whole shooting match!   The hair dressers,  makeup,  all the production staff.   Who cares really?
I'm guessing it's some flavor of narcissism.

Watched two movies
" Fathead" and  "Fat, Sick, & Nearly dead".
While working with an engineer from another company (a former Russian guy named Alexi),  he told me all about Fathead,  told me to take a peak if I get a chance.   The other "Fat, sick...."  I just happened to see while browsing Netflix.
Fathead is a guy who takes an opposite position to Spurlock's "Super size me".   I liked the presentation of this movie.  The science, and the proof that you aren't going to kick-it if you eat saturated fat and lots of protein.  Additionally, that a person who eats too many carbs will likely gain a lot of weight.   The points from this movie....if you eat 5000 cals a day you'll get fat.   If you eat a normal 2000cal diet of low carb foods you likely to lose body fat.
Watching "fat, sick, & nearly dead"    the whole thing was about drinking fruit and vegetable juices.   More veggie that fruit.  Drinking just veggie juice for 60 days.   Intuitively that doesn't seem healthy.   What bothers me,  so often people laud this sort of lifestyle,  but, from everything I've ever read,  it's very difficult to be a vegan or vegetarian.  Getting the proper nutrients.   Leaves me to wonder if you drink fruit and veggie juice for 60 days if you are really losing weight from all the great nutrition of the fruit and veggies or if you are starving yourself.   I'm leaning toward the latter. 


 Just got back from J.'s place.   Ohhhh that was really nice.   Busy last week, could make time to stop over.   Made to point to keep this noon-time free.   Zapped him a note first this morning.   He was game for an 11:30 meeting.
Got there and noticed he'd had a tree cut down.   I knew something looked different!
Got upstairs and as loosing my clothes quickly as he set about turning the fan on.   I hopped right up on the bed.
He was a tad nervous today.   I could feel him shaking a bit as he laid down.   Quickly that left as my mouth found it's way right to his cock.   He was already leaking pre-cum.....   His mouth found my balls rather quickly too.   And soon enough they were soaked and dancing over his lips.    All the while, I had his cock in my mouth sucking it rather hard,  drawing more of his pre-cum out.  
Before long he was over me,  sucking my cock still.    He worked his way up my chest and spent time biting my nipples.   Then kissing my hard and deep.  I could feel his hips working and moving over me.   His cock sliding over my ass getting my ass wet with his now dripping pre-cum.   Not sure how or who did it,  but my legs were over his shoulders as he slid down my body.   Keeping my legs up.   He dived right into my ass soaking it with his tongue and lips.  Sucking it hard.  nipping at the mouth of my ass.  Sliding his tongue into me.   He was on a mission today!
When my ass was good and wet,  he hooked my legs over his shoulder and slowly worked his cock into my ass.   Just the head at first.   Then thrust the whole length of himself into my ass.   I know my eyes rolled to the back of my head at that point.   I love that feeling of having my ass filled with a hard cock!  Making me wriggle in my seat even now.   My hips started to move as I wrapped my legs around him.   Soon his short thrust were replaced by deeper hard thrusts into my ass.  my legs could no longer stay wrapped.     I looked up to see him looking down,  watching himself fuck me.   He wasn't far from cumming.   The grip on my legs tightened.  His cock slamming in and out of my ass quickly,   then deep short thrusts as he started to fill my ass with his cum.   And cum and more cum and more cum.   Holy cum Batman!   He filled me.   Spent he collapsed onto my chest.   But not for too long.  He started toying with my cock.   Soon taking it into his mouth.   Sucking it hard again.   I was close from being so turned on from the hard fucking he just had given me.      He took my load in his mouth  sighing as I was shivering under him.
Dressed after 20 mins of small talk,  headed back to work.    Made quick pit stop,  that's how I know he came a ton in my ass.   As I sat there and let it leak out my whole back side was cover in that sweet cum.  I could smell him all over me.    That always makes me smile and gets me turned on.  I cleaned up,   and couldn't help myself,  I had to knock one out right there.   I was so turned on from the smell of his cum.  I got hard in an instant.     I've got quite a smile on my face this afternoon.    
Gotta love nooners!

Was fucked by Tim tonight.
oh that was so nice.    I got an email from him around 2PM.    He's sorta funny zaps me a note then runs off.    I like him though.   I play email tag and never expect him to follow through.     But I'm always ready anyhow.  
So,  I get a note from him.   I ask what he's up to and what he's in the mood for.
He doesn't really answer either question.   So I lead him.  Pretty much tell him to meet me at the curb at 11.   He does.

I direct him to my upper field.   Then he pulls his shorts down.   I attack his cock with gusto.  I'm feeling pretty frisky.    I didn't know, after seeing him 8 or 9 time that he wasn't circumsised.    Not a biggie.   It was dark.   But before he got fully hard I was sucking foreskin and he was moaning like mad.  
He got hard in a matter of seconds with my attentions all on his cock.    I'm sucking it.  grinding it across my teeth.   Taking it to the hilt and sucking and running my tongue all over his cock.    I was worried for a few seconds he was going to cum quickly.   I slowed down.

After a bit I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.   He did!   I help him put a condom on and bend over.
I guide his cock into my ass.   I'm moaning at that.   I push back.  Sinking his cock into my ass.    Oh that felt so good.
He started fucking me slow at first.   I tell him to spank my ass.  He does.   Slapping it hard.   I can feel my ass clinch around his cock.   He does it again.   Another clinch....I know...He likes that.   I start to clinch my ass after each of his thrusts into me then pushing as he pulls back.   Twenty seconds this..... he cums    I guess working your ass can make a guy cum hard. He did.   He fell onto my back legs shaking.  

After a bit more of my ass teasing him he pulls out of me.    We chat a few seconds....

Then the funny part.   He gets up and goes to the back of his truck.  I ask if he's okay.  Just gotta pee.
I ask, totally serious,   you wanna pee all over my chest.
He totally freezes!   Can't pee.   After a bit,  I ask if I should step away.   Too late.   He can't pee no matter what.  i feel a tad guilty.   Though I do wish he would have pissed all over me.     Hell as turned on as I was,  I'd have let him pee all over my ass and balls.

He dropped me off and went on his way.   I was likely happier than he.....I love to get fucked hard.

Logan's Run odd recall
There is a sceen in the movie where Logan is in his room "crusing".  Well not really.   They have a teleporter, where you can cruise for sex.   Rather funny,  a movie from the 70's forcasts, in some manner the way things are today.   Okay so we don't have teleporters; however, the whole instant gratification thing is/ can be there with the likes of Craigslist and other online personals where you can hook up in a matter of minutes if you like.

Just got fucked nicely

Just got back from J's place.   MMMMMMM good.   It's been a few weeks with his and my scheduals not matching up.   But today it all aligned.   He met me at the door.  We wandered up to the bedroom.  Idle chit chat as our clothes came off.   His cock already hard as it popped out of his underwear.
He sat on the bed as I came upto him.   He took my cock in his mouth sucking me fully hard in a matter of seconds.
I played with his nipples as he sucked on me.   As a few moments he was on his back,   my cock still buried in his mouth,  his cock in my mouth.  As he cums really quick,  I have to take care not to get all wild and crazy sucking him.   I slide my head deeper between his legs circling his asshole with my tongue.  Letting it dart inside every few seconds.   Seemingly not wanting to be out-done,  his face is buried in my ass.   I'm moaning like crazy at this.  Licking my ass, sucking it hard, jamming his tongue deep into me.   I'm sititng up fully covering his face.    Each time a drop of his pre-cum drips,  I lean over and  lick it up.   I pull his legs back so I can get at his ass.  Licking it hard,  slowly starting to finger it.  He goes back to sucking me,  taking all my cock into his throat.   After a few mintues I realize I can't do two things at once.   I stand on the floor his head leaned over the edge of the bed.   Feeding him my cock.  Holding his head and fucking his face slow.  Seeing his throat bulge.   This goes until his face is beet red and he needs a break.   I climb on top of him, sliding his cock into my ass quickly.   His hips start to buck right off.  I take all of his cock  into me.  forcing it until I can feel his balls on my ass.  I'm grinding forward and back.  His chest flushes red quickly.  His hip are matching my movements.   Pushing into me.    I reach around and cup his balls  tugging slightly. He starts to buck and shudder cumming in my ass.  Cumming and cumming!   Gasping all the while.
I still sit atop him.    feeling his cock get softer.   Then slide off him.    After a few minutes,  he finds my cock and starts sucking it again.   I'm close quickly, feeling his cum drip from my ass and having had my ass fucked.   I explode into his mouth.   I'm covered in sweat.   Can't move......
Hope to see him again this week.    My ass need MUCH more attention like that.


Hot time schedualed today
J is free this morning.   Good thing too.   He was gone all last week and I'm busy the rest of this week.
Can't wait to feel him sucking on my cock.   Today I'm gonna have him cum all over my face unless he wants my ass.   I never can tell.   He's such a huge cummer.  When he cums in my ass I leak for hours.
But I really want him to cum all over my face.   It would almost be worth risking a picture.  Just to see his huge load.

.....more to cum this afternoon...


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