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 Just got back from J.'s place.   Ohhhh that was really nice.   Busy last week, could make time to stop over.   Made to point to keep this noon-time free.   Zapped him a note first this morning.   He was game for an 11:30 meeting.
Got there and noticed he'd had a tree cut down.   I knew something looked different!
Got upstairs and as loosing my clothes quickly as he set about turning the fan on.   I hopped right up on the bed.
He was a tad nervous today.   I could feel him shaking a bit as he laid down.   Quickly that left as my mouth found it's way right to his cock.   He was already leaking pre-cum.....   His mouth found my balls rather quickly too.   And soon enough they were soaked and dancing over his lips.    All the while, I had his cock in my mouth sucking it rather hard,  drawing more of his pre-cum out.  
Before long he was over me,  sucking my cock still.    He worked his way up my chest and spent time biting my nipples.   Then kissing my hard and deep.  I could feel his hips working and moving over me.   His cock sliding over my ass getting my ass wet with his now dripping pre-cum.   Not sure how or who did it,  but my legs were over his shoulders as he slid down my body.   Keeping my legs up.   He dived right into my ass soaking it with his tongue and lips.  Sucking it hard.  nipping at the mouth of my ass.  Sliding his tongue into me.   He was on a mission today!
When my ass was good and wet,  he hooked my legs over his shoulder and slowly worked his cock into my ass.   Just the head at first.   Then thrust the whole length of himself into my ass.   I know my eyes rolled to the back of my head at that point.   I love that feeling of having my ass filled with a hard cock!  Making me wriggle in my seat even now.   My hips started to move as I wrapped my legs around him.   Soon his short thrust were replaced by deeper hard thrusts into my ass.  my legs could no longer stay wrapped.     I looked up to see him looking down,  watching himself fuck me.   He wasn't far from cumming.   The grip on my legs tightened.  His cock slamming in and out of my ass quickly,   then deep short thrusts as he started to fill my ass with his cum.   And cum and more cum and more cum.   Holy cum Batman!   He filled me.   Spent he collapsed onto my chest.   But not for too long.  He started toying with my cock.   Soon taking it into his mouth.   Sucking it hard again.   I was close from being so turned on from the hard fucking he just had given me.      He took my load in his mouth  sighing as I was shivering under him.
Dressed after 20 mins of small talk,  headed back to work.    Made quick pit stop,  that's how I know he came a ton in my ass.   As I sat there and let it leak out my whole back side was cover in that sweet cum.  I could smell him all over me.    That always makes me smile and gets me turned on.  I cleaned up,   and couldn't help myself,  I had to knock one out right there.   I was so turned on from the smell of his cum.  I got hard in an instant.     I've got quite a smile on my face this afternoon.    
Gotta love nooners!


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