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I love being fucked hard
More so when it's been a while.    I was out of town on business last week.  And wasn't feeling up to cruising a strange city (Long Beach Ca).    So I waited it out until I got back.  Been busy as a nine tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs this week;  however,  today I couldn't stand it any longer.  
I zapped J. a message told him I was going to ditch work for a few hours.   He was game.

No small talk today.   We stripped down and before I knew it,  his cock was in my mouth and I was hungrily  sucking it.   As he was mine.   After a few postion changes I was on top of him sucking his cock while he was rimming me with wild abandon!   His tongue darting deep into my ass.   At first I was just moaning with his cock in my mouth, which must have been a funny sight.    Then my face on his thigh.     I was pushing my ass into his face as he licked deeper and harder,  the stubble of his face rough on my ass.   
I couldn't take any more.  I jumped up on to my knees.  Without hesitation he was behind me sliding his cock into my ass.  Pumping into me.  At first squating over me,  then on his knees pulling my hips back into his cock.
As is J's style he doesn't last long once he's inside me.   I could feel his cock throbbing as he dumped his cum into my ass.  Each spurt another throb of his cock within my ass.   I could feel the hot cum leaking from my ass around his cock.  I clenched him hard,  milking more cum from him.

He fell off me,  cum still leaking from his cock.   


After he settled down he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me off.   I would rather had him fuck me hard again.  But we were both a  bit pressed for time.


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