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Just got fucked nicely

Just got back from J's place.   MMMMMMM good.   It's been a few weeks with his and my scheduals not matching up.   But today it all aligned.   He met me at the door.  We wandered up to the bedroom.  Idle chit chat as our clothes came off.   His cock already hard as it popped out of his underwear.
He sat on the bed as I came upto him.   He took my cock in his mouth sucking me fully hard in a matter of seconds.
I played with his nipples as he sucked on me.   As a few moments he was on his back,   my cock still buried in his mouth,  his cock in my mouth.  As he cums really quick,  I have to take care not to get all wild and crazy sucking him.   I slide my head deeper between his legs circling his asshole with my tongue.  Letting it dart inside every few seconds.   Seemingly not wanting to be out-done,  his face is buried in my ass.   I'm moaning like crazy at this.  Licking my ass, sucking it hard, jamming his tongue deep into me.   I'm sititng up fully covering his face.    Each time a drop of his pre-cum drips,  I lean over and  lick it up.   I pull his legs back so I can get at his ass.  Licking it hard,  slowly starting to finger it.  He goes back to sucking me,  taking all my cock into his throat.   After a few mintues I realize I can't do two things at once.   I stand on the floor his head leaned over the edge of the bed.   Feeding him my cock.  Holding his head and fucking his face slow.  Seeing his throat bulge.   This goes until his face is beet red and he needs a break.   I climb on top of him, sliding his cock into my ass quickly.   His hips start to buck right off.  I take all of his cock  into me.  forcing it until I can feel his balls on my ass.  I'm grinding forward and back.  His chest flushes red quickly.  His hip are matching my movements.   Pushing into me.    I reach around and cup his balls  tugging slightly. He starts to buck and shudder cumming in my ass.  Cumming and cumming!   Gasping all the while.
I still sit atop him.    feeling his cock get softer.   Then slide off him.    After a few minutes,  he finds my cock and starts sucking it again.   I'm close quickly, feeling his cum drip from my ass and having had my ass fucked.   I explode into his mouth.   I'm covered in sweat.   Can't move......
Hope to see him again this week.    My ass need MUCH more attention like that.


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Lucky men, the both of you!

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